Randomness, December 21st edition

Ruminations for today:

  • It's a crime there's no site where you can put in reasonable search criteria ("manual diesel wagon") and have it monitor AutoTrader, eBayMotors, Cars.com, Craigslist, etc. Sort of like Kayak.com does for airline tickets or Mint.com does for finances. Corollary thought: Some techno-geek/gear head like me invented just such a program, but loved it so much never left his Mom's basement. Plurality of choice sucks.
  • Both 'cancelled' and 'canceled' are correct English. The single-L form makes my brain want to explode.
  • So, okay...until we invent telepathy, we're stuck with language of some form to communicate ideas. Each language has its own strengths and weaknesses: brevity, density, beauty, expressiveness. Could we come up with something BETTER THAN ENGLISH, please?!
  • Corporate communications is where English majors go to die.
In no particular order, here are the new cars I want to test drive:
  1. Mazda 2
  2. Mazda RX-8
  3. Ford Fiesta hatch
  4. VW Golf TDI manual
  5. Subaru WRX Hatch
  6. Fiat 500
  7. BMW 128i
  8. Nissan Juke (yes, I'll keep my eyes closed as I get in)
  9. Caddilac CTS

Pretty much, small, sporty and nimble are my tastes. I was on the interstate last night at 70 and began wiggling the steering on my Camry 15 degrees either side of center, and it didn't change direction. It's like driving a C-17 without the thrust reversers.

(Yes, I had some time to kill while my integration tests ran on my code...can ya tell?)


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