Inside the mind of my 3 year old

So, the other day, J-man and I were trekking to Shelbyville, Maria in the back seat.  Joey was bored and he started the "Guess a number between..."  Each time we play this game, I calc the ceil(lg(N)) of the higher number and request that many guesses, and I win every time.  ("Stand back, I'm going to try science!")

Anyway....Maria wanted to get in on this, too.   Which is fascinating, since she CAN'T COUNT.

M: I'm thinking of a number between four and nine.

J: 7

M: No

H: 5

...we proceed to guess every number between 4 and 9, inclusive.  Twice.

M: No're doing it wrong!

Inspiration struck.

H: Is it forty nine?


* * *

My one parental gift is a capacity to think like a 3 year old.

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