The Weekend that was: Nov 12, 13th

Yes, I've caught the blogging bug. I feel different enough from my former self that it seems to make sense. Maybe I'm reading too much Peter Egan these days. Whatever, I'm here, again.

This weekend was another hole in my soul weekends when Joey gets to go to Louisville to be someone else with Dad #1. This is not how he phrases it, but that's it in effect. From my perspective, I drop him off @ 7pm Friday, he goes into a fugue state for 48 hours, then I pick him up at 7pm Sunday. In any case, it kills me, as Joey's my only defense against the giggly, shopping, toe-painting brigade known as the Combs Women.

Actually, I overstate. The women of my family are wonderful, well-rounded folks. Still, they're women, and it's difficult to crack jokes that begin and end with "poop," "balls," or "fire." With them. Joey and I could do 10 minutes of standup on the word "poop" alone. I think of us as the two stooges.

Ahem, I dropped-off Joe at 7, came back to the house around 9, then prepared myself for a night of being on duty. "On duty" in this case, meaning responsible for the 'round 3 am feeding of my youngest daughter, Grace. On Friday night, this was not to be. She slept through the night. Ah, sweet Morpheus!

Saturday dawned beautifully, and witnessed Whitney and Maria off to a Disney Character breakfast at the Cardome center. There, Whitney discovered the place wasn't a dome and had nothing to do with cars. I was busy at home not going to the UK/Vanderbuilt game and straightening the kitchen. After they returned, I mowed the yard (yes, last time of the season!), took our recycling to the recycling center.

At this moment, I have no recollection of what happened from noon Saturday until Sunday morning, so let's fast-forward. I vaguely recall washing egg off my house, staring agape at OSU football (GO BUCKS!), and an argument.

Sunday saw us attempt to make it to church on time, foiled again by our infant's unreasonable desire to eat. We had brunch @ O'Charley's, then had a surprise visit from my Mom & Dad around 4, then I ran up to pick-up Joe.

That's the weekend that was. I got 3 hours of sleep last night thanks to my infant daughter, so forgive a bit of rambling.

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