Stages of Coffee Addiction.

(As related to Kim Tegge, the lone coffee holdout at work)

Stage 0: Coffee?! BLECH! Does smell good, though.

Stage 1: Coffee?! BLECH! I'll take a Mocha Frappuchino, please.

Stage 2: Coffee?! BLECH! I'll take an instant French Vanilla Cappuccino, please. I drink one of these every couple of weeks or so.

Stage 3: Latte, please. I can't stand coffee. This is my first one this week.

Stage 4: latte? No Starbucks? Need something...I'll take some coffee with my cream and sugar. Never had this before.

Stage 5: Dark roast Starbucks house blend with a shot of cream. You know...maybe a couple per day.

Stage 6: Black coffee. Any will do. 4 cups per day.

Stage 7: Reheated black coffee from yesterday while I'm brewing the extra-strength coffee at 5am because I've had a coffee headache since 4:30. 6 cups per day. Actually, I can't remember how many I drink per day. I NEED ANOTHER CUP!

So, where do you fall on that scale?

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