Eventful day

Most of my Saturdays involve me getting to "sleep in" to 7am. Today was special--I got to sleep in to 8:30, at which point Bella declared, "Well, I've been awake for 2 hours at this point, might as well get up."

To encourage domestic sanity, Whitney and I have an arrangement--each of us gets alone time for around 4 hours each weekend. Traditionally, Whitney gets hers Saturday mornings 'til 1pm.

Yep, I'm to be a single parent for the next 4 hours or so. Easy enough, right?

Actually, it's pleasant. Usually. I have great kids--conversant, responsive, unspoiled. They appreciate time with Dad, especially when he puts the laptop down and unplugs his NPR-podcast laden iPod.

Today was going to be great--we'd take the recycle to the recycling center, hit a motorcycle shop or 3, maybe con our way into a test-drive of a car with a manual transmision, then hit the UK arboretum and some other goings-on in Lex.

Plans change.

Got everyone in the van, loaded-up our recycling bing, and keyed the ignition. Grind, grind, clickclickclickclickclick....Battery was toast. Called AAA, and they got a guy out to help me understand that 100 amps isn't QUITE sufficient to crank-over a 3.5L Honda V-6. One new battery later, we were off.

So, the rest of the day, in brief:
* Hit Waffle House in G'town for brunch. The kids and I love Waffle House. I love that 2 generations of waitresses work there. I love that a biker and his Old Lady showed up on a Sportster, followed by a 50 year old guy with Hair Band Hair.
* We hit Bell's Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki in Georgetown. The kids love a motorcycle shop. They haven't kicked us out yet, though the older lady there does recognize Maria.
* Maria caught a nap after that. Joey and I went into suspended animation for the next 3 hours.
* We had a great dinner.
* Joey and I watched "Shrek the OH MY GOODNESS WILL THEY STOP MAKING THESE AWFUL MOVIES" at the Bourbon Drive In.

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