On the Murder of George Tiller

Someone gunned-down George Tiller in cold blood in his church Sunday. That he happened to be an abortion clinic doctor is immaterial. Vigilante justice, retribution, and demagoguery are not roads we need go down in this country--it's been done before.


  1. i don't get ur reference to Marat....esp since that wasn't "in this country" (see entry)........


  2. It's a stretch, I admit. We haven't been there in this country, but France has, and it's a bitter lesson. That's the parallel I was trying to draw.

    Marat was an influential writer during the French Revolution. At his word, many were guillotined for treason against the young (and paranoid) Republic. Proof wasn't required, just heresay and inuendo.

    To staunch this, a female assassin caught him in the bath and stabbed him through the heart. Her statement at trial: "I killed one man to save 100,000."

    Ironically, that violence deepened the Reign of Terror. Those in power saw conspiracies at every turn. Thousands met the guillotine before the Terror ended and Napoleon arose.

    Now, here, in our country, we have an act of violence. I can only imagine it was done to save innocent lives. Likely, it will entrench abortion further.


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