Review: Yes Man


Oh, Jim Carrey, how far and hard you've fallen.

Last night, Whitney and I RedBox'd Yes Man, a movie completely devoid of plot. Plot: A progression of a story through introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution (denoument).

Yeah, this story has none. It has a terrific *premise*, that of a man who is stuck in a rut until he magically transforms into a guy who can't lie and hilarity ensues (wait, that's that other movie by the same guy). No, this time, he's a guy who can't say 'Yes,' until he goes to a life-changing "Say Yes" seminar taught by General Zod.

After this, he experiences a Benny Hinn-style conversion, saying "yes" to everything. Compulsively.

And that's pretty much the movie. Back the truck up, there's no plot from that premise on in. Oh, there's lots of peripheral characters, vignettes, and sketches, but it's much closer to "Kentucky Fried Movie" than "Citizen Kane."

On the BRIGHT side, my gal Zooey is in it and SINGING!

Zooey reminds me very much of my beloved Bella--awesome eyes, great smile, mischief and fun just lurking below the surface. And I like hearing both of 'em sing.


  1. yeah he has to say that to get away with the crush. which is why the tyra crush stopped talking so much. so how many ppl out there really think ZD and I are ;)


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