An Open Letter to Southeast Christian Church

As Easter grows near, this particular blog is going to haunt me again, it would seem.

In hopes of staving off another storm of firey, hurt emails, here's my open letter those whose ire I've inspired.

First, I am sorry if I upset you.

If you reread my post, you'll see that I pointed out good and bad points about the particular night I attended a performance. And I stand by those opinions from one year ago.

I agree I could've said some things differently in that post. Several comments were contemptuous, and they do not reflect the person I am as I respond to you today. Yes, the Southeast Easter Pageant is a massive undertaking, and in previous years' attendance, I was amazed at the production values and strong message for Christ it portrayed.

I've considered removing that post entirely several times. That being said, my blog reflects both who I am, and who I have been. If I remove posts that are a snapshot of a prior time, that defeats why I blog in the first place.


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