America, the Oligarchy


This country is an oligarchy--a country ruled by a narrow, incestuous, elite class bent on maintaining their tenuous grip on power. Where once we had a broad spectrum of representative government and limited federal powers, we now have an all-encompassing federal government, controlled by two parties that look suspiciously like one another.

Where's the healthy disagreement? Where are the extremist whackos (Libertarians, Greenies, Communists, Socialists, and...heck...Whigs) that are the hallmark of a functioning democracy? They don't exist in this country. What we have instead are two centrist parties bent on maintaining the status quo, keeping the constituents fat, dumb, and happy.

That's what grinds my gears--the fat, dumb, and happy part. That's the REASON Oligarchy exists, the REASON Socrates drank the hemlock: Oligarchs can't have an educated, engaged populace. They can't tolerate it, because the plebes just might start questioning them. Can't have that!

Living in corporate America, I see that sort of thing all the time--Leaders make poor decisions (or, decisions that in hindsight are poor), yet have no accountability. Management closes ranks rather than exposing internal problems. Courtesy breeds favoritism, favoritism breeds fealty, and fealty leads to Oligarchy. Doing what's right by your internal circle is more important than doing what's RIGHT for the people. That's the definition of what's happening in Washington right now.

For the nascent oligarchs, this crisis presents a wondrous opportunity to drive out the group that impedes them--the middle class. The once-vibrant middle class finds itself underwater, overstressed, indebted, and fearing for their livelihood. Now, the government may offer an "out" in exchange for subservience. Many will accept outright Socialism to maintain their little slice of sanity--the bigscreen TV, overwrought mortgage, and 2 cars in the driveway.

Ergo, we have Socialist Oligarchy. God help us all.


  1. When do we "call in fed up" or start the march, dude? I'm ready.


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