I miss my family

Been a hectic couple of weeks around the Combs household. Whitney got a crash assignment from our pastor to develop a devotional handbook from scratch in a week. 50 days of devotional thoughts, on 7 different themes.

Joey cut his hand trying to close his pocket knife on Saturday, requiring 3 stitches in the back of his hand (they come out in 8 more days).

They turned off our FSA (thank you, Humana), so we're paying our medical copays out-of-pocket. Honestly, for all the trouble we go through with that frickin' thing, I'm tempted to set the amount to zero next year and just pay it with after-tax dollars.

Work's been...well, they're laying off 375 people this month. Not me (I don't think), but people in middle and upper management are carrying-on as if nothing's changed when people are fighting for their livelihoods. The "Dilbert" and "Office Space" factor has gone up exponentially. Honesty and cooperation are disappearing.

And I've been preparing to teach class tomorrow night on a section of Chuck Colson's The Faith, this time on the bible's role in Christianity and one's Christian walk. I'm excited and terrified.

Honestly, I'd just like to sit today, vedge, and watch the coronation like everyone else.

Oh, and I'm locked out of my office writing this on my laptop in the lab. Yay.

Temp badge FTW.

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