The Break, Summarized

School's back in session, the teacher's hungover, the class is catatonic, and the assignment is "Essay on what you did over Christmas Break".

* * *

Over my Christmas break, I enjoyed my family and relaxed. This was a novelty; usually by the 3rd day I feel cooped-up and restless and turn into a complete asshole. During this week-and-a-half, I really had no desire to put my fist through a wall, run away to Mexico, or otherwise dig a hole in the back yard and jump in it.

For that inner peace, I credit this journey I've been on for the last 4 months, learning to embrace some inner peace and become a better husband, father, friend, and human being, in general.

Notable moments from the break:

  • Whitney and I went to see A Tuna Christmas on January 2nd. This is the last time the show will be in Louisville and it was truly hilarious, if bawdy and downright offensive at times

  • Joey and I went target shooting with my father on New Years Eve. Joey's shown some interest in firearms and we thought it best to train him and demonstrate their destructive power, as well as how they're handled and maintained. Yeah, as a parent it was scary, but I was proud Whitney entrusted this responsibility to me and everything went well. Only hitch--Joey's too short to shoulder a rifle properly. This was also the first time in my life my Dad said, "Good shot, son."

  • I started Twittering a lot. Thank you, unlimited TXT'ing plan!

  • We played Monopoly and watched movies on New Year's Eve--Flight of the Navigator, Everyone's Hero, and a tidbit of Mr. Holland's Opus. I was exhausted from getting up at 5 am, but I pulled it together for a game of Uno right before the ball dropped at midnight

  • Christmas was low-key and nice. We had an Apple-y sort of Christmas. We got 3 8GB iPod Nano's and Whitney got her iPhone 3G, as previously described. I liked watching the kids open presents most of all--Maria got a doll that she's adopted completely.


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