Review: "The Secret Marriage" at Georgetown College


Whitney and I attended the Georgetown College's production of Cimarosa's The Secret Marriage last night, and I was blown away.

Understand, this is a college of ~1500 persons. The curriculum's "Opera" class hasn't been taught in recent memory. The college has no orchestra, only a concert band.

So here, amid the rolling bluegrass, they staged a full, 2-Act Italian opera.

Was it perfect? Of course not...all performers could sing, but only two stood out operatically: The rich-voiced Count, and the delicate soprano playing Carolina. I could've listened to Carolina sing all night long--her arias delighted, and her acting was properly melodramatic.

And it was FUNNY, with comedy in each scene.

The only downside is they're only holding two performances, the final being tonight at 7pm in the Georgetown College Hill Chapel. Seating is General Admission, with tickets at $15. Even if you don't like Opera, GO! English subtitles provided, above the stage.

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