I'm happy today--I'm really into the Christmas season. Some random thoughts:

On the blog
Has my blog fizzled? I see none of the fire and angst I saw in posts 2, 3, 4 years ago. I'm not controversial (provided I say nothing about Southeast Christian Church!), nor am I writing about substantial things--news, computers, cameras, cars, politics. My posts about industrial decline and the rise of personal debt from 2004-ish seem appropriate now, in the land of the $8 trillion bailout.

Still, what's there to write about? Once upon a time, I'd air all my personal struggles on the blog, because it was the only place I felt at home. No judgement, no context, just my own thoughts and feelings (rather emo, no?).

I'm not that guy anymore. I have a wonderful wife who'll listen to me, friends to talk to, and kids to play with. Hard to sing the blues or write angsty screeds when you're feeling content!

On car lust
The E39 5-series is the perfect car, and I keep finding well-maintained examples on autotrader & craigslist for not alot of money. Mmm....great steering...mmm....Rear-wheel drive....

On the other side of the checkbook, there's the Pontiac G8--a badass car I'd love to drive. I'd hate to put gas in it when it recovers to $5/gallon, but these are going to be a SCREAMING (as in $10k off sticker) deal soon.

Lastly, I still love the looks of the Mazda 6. They really integrated the RX-8 feel (fender flares) into the overall execution. Me likey:

Though, I still think the Nissan Altima & Maxima have the best looking rear-ends on any car today:

On putting your money where your mouth is
So, Dad bought 500 shares of Ford stock last Friday and 300 shares of GM. Bless him, I hope that works out. I've been telling him Ford stock was undervalued for a year now, and that Mullaly has a shot at turning the Blue Oval around. I hope for Dad's sake that's true.

Cassandra: On the economy
I think we were perched at the top of the mountain, then fell to a ledge 20 feet below. Shocking, but survivable. I wonder if the true fall into the abyss when SHTF is yet to come.

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