On Finding it Impossible to relax...

I don't know if this is common or not, but when I have prolonged time off work, I find it nearly impossible to relax. I always feel like I should be doing something or working towards something, even if it's at home.

Take right now, for instance. Whitney and I are granting one another some alone time today. Joey's in Louisville until tomorrow night, and Maria's enjoying her post-Christmas toys. She's taking the morning shift watching Maria, and I'm taking the afternoon.

So, I've got hours to myself. HOURS. Not stolen moments sitting at the library playing hooky from my family duties: Honest-to-God downtime.

It's like my brain won't accept it. It doesn't compute. On the way over here, all I could think about was how much I wanted to be changing the oil in the Camry, sweeping-up the back yard, and generally...working.

The first 15 minutes over here, I got all excited about some mortgage refinancing stuff I heard on the radio, so I spent that time doing amortizations on our loan and seeing if it makes sense to refi our 5.nothing % 30-year fixed sweetheart mortgage. Part of me really wants to get a 15-year mortgage, and part of me's afraid of having a bigger payment. ::sigh::

It looks like they don't write loans for Scott County, but for anyone of my readers in Fayette, Woodford, etc.: Guardians Savings Bank is offering 4.75% to 5% fixed 30 year paper with $250 closing costs!. With that sort of a deal, ROI on refi'ing my loan would be oh...3 months :-) I bet those guys are gonna get a deluge this next week.

I'm going to put my comp down now and attempt to relax. No idea why this last week of the year is my buy-a-car, refi-a-loan, change-401k-investments fever week. But, it is. This was the week I decided to sell the MINI and buy an e30, 3 years ago.

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