Well, today's the day. Either way it goes, we make history--the first African-American president, or the first female vice-president.

Whitney got up and voted a little after 6, and faced a long line at our polling station. I went a little after 7; while there were lots of folks, I was done in 10 minutes. Everyone was chatty and "up"--we know this is a big deal today.

I guess that ever-present barrage of advertising (particularly in the vitriolic McConnell/Lunsford Senate race) is good for something!


* Mitch is toast. The $700 Billion bailout killed him. History will show it to be the correct move, but Kentuckians disapprove of Republicans who make tough calls. Ironically, it's probably the move *I* respect him for the most.

* Landslide victory for Obama, close to the 1984 Reagan landslide.

* Absent his benefactor McConnell, David Williams, president of the KY state senate, is deposed in a palace coup come January.

* The second coming of the Carter Administration--high taxes, high unemployment, and contracting American power on the world stage. Only this time, there's no manufacturing sector to resuscitate. It's now in China, and it's not coming back.

* Obama will prove to be more Andrew Johnson than Jack Kennedy. He'll find himself at the mercy of an unbalanced congress, blessed (or cursed) with a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate, bent on reshaping the landscape of America.

The intellectual elite may rejoice at the above, but as a citizen and a patriot, I can't. I voted for McCain, unabashedly so. His choice of Palin as a running mate was poor. He ran a poor campaign after the convention--refusing to be himself, not listening to his advisors. Still yet, he's the guy I wish had won in 2000, and I support him still. Not that it'll matter, probably.

I guess we'll know tomorrow what this new landscape (or moonscape!) looks like.

Regardless, I urge any and all of my fellow citizens to go out and vote!


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