Random: QOTD, weather, T-Giving

Quick hits on a few things:

* Quote of the Day: "We have two speeds of development: Fast, and Scalded Dog. Which is appropriate here" (no, that was NOT LXK ;-) )

* It's a fabulous day outside, if you're a duck. And, it's supposed to snow tonight. What month is this, again?

* Thanksgiving: Looks like we're doing the Combs/Brentzel shuffle again this year. Thursday at the Combs family. Friday at the Brentzel clan.

Looks to be a quiet week--lots of folks out, fewer meetings and distractions.


  1. Did you say distraction? Here I am!

    Was kinda jazzed that everyone's coming to us for Thanksgiving this year until I realized that meant a couple of nights of housecleaning!


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