Memoir: 21 Months and loving it

Wanted to snapshot this so I remember it when Maria's 30, has kids of her own, and they keep her up all night.

So, Whitney and I watched Mr. Holland's Opus, then tuned-in the election coverage at 10:20 pm to get some returns (at the time Obama only had 200+ of the 270 needed). Maria was a bit fussy, but fell back to sleep around the same time.

Then, the fun began.

By 11:30, she was up, and Whitney went in to console her. I fell back into a cold-meds-induced stupor until she came back to bed at 12:45.

Against wise counsel, I went in myself to console Re-Re. She seemed to respond well, and I rocked her to quiescence, and put her back to sleep. Whitney was not happy: "Okay, YOU get to get up with her the 6 more times she gets up tonight."

Pfft, I thought. I've got this covered...she'll sleep through the night now because I'm AWESOME SUPER DADDY!

Yeah...'bout that...

So, that was 1. By 1:10 she was back up, screaming. I finally came around to Whitney's side of things--NOTHING was gonna console this girl.

Long story short (too late), I got about 2 hours of sleep last night. By the end of it, Maria finally soothed herself back to sleep.


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