Max Session Notes, Day 1

Notes writeup:


"Top Performing Mobile Applications"

- Allesandro Pace
- Darren Osadchuck
- Dale Rankin -> Moket
- Scott Janousek

Alessandro (BORING)
1) Keep UI simple
2) Keep memory below 70%
3) Use name/value pairs in lieu of XML where possible
4) XMLSocket where possible

Daren (very low-key and monotone but obviously competent):
1) Optimize loops
2) Prefer the deprecated function calls ( in lieu of Math.* ) functions
3) Remap your keypad
4) Record Keystrokes on CS4 using Device Central's device set

Scott (seemed nervous):
1) Demote on-device testing--Nokia RDA or
2) Device Profiling -- use FPSMonitor or ASProf Component
3) Work with data informats that make sense--loadVars, SWX,
4) Buy my book (pfft!)

Dale Narnkie (natural speaker/entrepreneur):
Summary: Here's how to monetize and be successful.

"Developer/Designer Deep Dive"

Summary: "Developers and Designers are different, but share many of these 8 skills." Success involves understanding how each member of the team adds value.

8 Areas:
- software architecture
- scripting and coding
- Data organization & modelling
- Structuring content
- Motion & audio
- interaction Design
- Layout Design
- Visual Design

Net: Designers often write code out of necessity. Developers often do design tasks out of necessity. Some disciplines straddle the fence.

Flash Catalyst--allows designers to not write code

Case studies presented:
- Cross-media interactive content
- Flex app using "Gumbo"
- Ajax Web app

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