Adobe Max: The trip out--report from ATL

Off to Adobe Max 2008, I guess. Left Whitney asleep (or, groggy, at least) at the Airport Courtyard by Mariott. Flight from Louisville was cramped and cold on an MD-88 that sounded like a cuisinart from takeoff to landing. Glad Whitney wasn't there...wasn't quite so bad as the Embraer we suffered on from Philly to SDF, but bad enough.

The Transcontinental leg has me on a767, seat 46A. I can't seem to get free WiFi at either airport; guess those innocent, available days are long gone...perhaps at Frisco.

Can't say I was looking forward to VPN'ing into work, anyway. That can wait until Frisco.

I've been very keyed-up about this trip, mostly in the negative--I feel out of place. This is a conference for designers and managers, not hardcore coders. That's the other thing...sitting here, I'm NOT A HARDCORE FLASH/ActionScript coder. I'm an expatriated Java Network Server-side coder, who did some time in Win32-land. For the last 3 months, I've been herding kittens in the Corporate World of development--meetings, interruptions, and rewriting proposals day-to-day. Programming in powerpoint, they call it.

Read a chilling article in Esquire on the way down about finance, how the high-flying banking world my rewind all the way to 1978--small banks making piddly loans to companies that can PROBABLY PAY THEM BACK. Meanwhile, the economy's gonna contract, and we proud many who exist many steps from the customer may simply evaporate. Supply chains will shorten. Corporate fat will trim (provided, you're not a C-level or one of his chosen sycophants).

The economy will be different

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