Adobe Max: Trip out on the 767-300

9:15 am
Nervous. I'm nervous...I get chatty when I'm nervous, but I don't have anyone to talk to. I'm in seat 46A, which is the last window seat, port side of the plane. At the moment, I don't have anyone to talk with.

The 767 I'm on is NICE. Seems very much like the one I flew on to Zurich, Switzerland 3 years ago. Minus the smelly Eurotrash, of course.

* * *

Never seen so many laptops in a terminal before. These are Adobe MAX folks, all herding out to 'Frisco.

Guy from an ad agency closed-down his whole shop for a week...funny though, a sycophant guy w/o a job (he's "freelance") sat down in the terminal and chatted him up. The guy wouldn't take the hint to leave, and was still yammering away as I boarded.

So, for now, no one in the seat beside me

"we have a mismatch on how much cargo weight we have, but don't worry, this is a Good Plane we're on. We've requested about 2000lbs more fuel..that'll take some time to load."

There's something unsettling about being off by a TON OF FUEL! Yikes...

Well, the delay was just enough, I've got a seat-mate. Friendly and freckled, looks to be in her late 30's. Network Security analyst from Standford University...commutes every 6 weeks back from the east coast.

15,000 feet over Missouri
"Hook" almost makes me cry. I miss my family already..that scene where Robin Williams flashes-back to seeing his son born. I *always* see Maria.

Well, the time they got back to me, there was no food left...not so much as a fruit tray. Oh well, I'll just munch on these salty snacks.


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