Adobe Max 2008: Keynote blogging

8:47am -- Moscone center, West

Well, public WiFi seems to be a pipedream. I sit here on the 3rd's wall-to-wall people, seems like a mix of folks--guys in french blue business shirts, Bohemian guys with messenger bags, and lots of fat guys with ponytails.

Male to female ratio: 5:1. Better than I expected, but we'll see how things turn out in my sessions.

Somehow my Adobe Login got hosed, and I can't log-in to my account on to change it (again, no WiFi out here)

I feel vaguely sore and overful--scarfed roughly 2000 calories during the continental breakfast.

Again, the "don't know a soul" factor is bizarre. Maybe that'll get better once I get into some sessions this afternoon.

I'm listening to this guy beside me (whose voice reminds me of Paul Upton) go on about SF (San Francisco), talking about how it's past the "TL"...I have no frickin' idea what "TL" is...perhaps it's some line past which you don't want to go? My unknown skater-boi friend beside me said that he used to live here in 1999, and that things are so much cleaner than when he lived here before. Apparently, the place was rife with porn-shops and general dirtyness. "Now the porn shops are 'Gap' and 'Banana Republic'."

Keynote's supposed to begin here in about 1/2 hour.

I feel ill...stomach's just not agreeing with me.

--- 9:18 ---

HOLY CRAP....let's talk 50 yard wide, 3-story presetnation screens!

People very excited in here...3-d virtual world on display, with adobe icons flying around.

CEO's onstage...

Thermo is now "Flash Catalyst"

Next release of Gumbo is available

"Groundbreaking new applications you're developing"

Buy (Red) save lives...--> Fight against AIDS
- music discovery service-> ( Red ) Wire
- Delivered to your screen via Adobe Air
- Social Media component -> 5 people @ $5 / month == 1 persons life saved

CTO --> Resident magician "Harry Potter" Kevin Lynch
- does have his Harry Potter glasses

Topic: 3 Techtonic shifts
1. Client + Cloud computing
2. Social Computing

(Talking REALLY fast!)

Flash Player 10 updates
- 3D Effects & Drawing API
- Print-Quality TExt
- Pixel Bender Filters

Demo: Hobnox mixer
- Realtime processing and mixing of audio
- Connect audio to scrypting
- dynamic waveform analysis in Flash Player

- Used 3D effects at runtime, not preprocessing

New text engine in flash player
- draw text
- supports right to left text (full world-wide) -- share and edit images in place
- life effects to images wile
- circlesplash

64-bit linux release available for flashplayer 10

now 80% of web video is in flash

CTO of Disney's interactive media group...Bud Albers
Disney technology goes all the way back to Snow White...
Supports all of company -- ESPN, ABC, and Disney
- H.264
Club penguin
- rich immersive environment
- multi-lingual with
860,000 views of the Jonas Brother's movie (40% increase in channel)
"Suite Life on Deck" --> next episode online before next month
One of top 3 players on web -> delivering online broadcasts of all major-league games. Starts opening day 2009
- All Big 4 sports use Adobe Flash

AIR -> run applications on your local system.
- Air 1.5 is released today. Embeds inside Flash Player 10
- Squirrelfish in HTML (accel JavaScript applicatrions)
- Supports encrypted DB's -> SQLLite

VP of R&D NYT --> Michael Zimbalist
- next generation news reader applications
- no matter what size the display or what platform
- Int'l Herald Tribune
- Desktop application for today's paper
- Polls NYT's website if you're online
- Resize window -> works on any screen size or dimension
- lays out dynamically with wrapping articles or text
- dynamic hyphenation/pagination
- intuitive navigation between articles

(Irony alert -> Article on Faltering Economy onscreen)

Includes crossword puzzle

Interesting -- Air on Aigo: Mobile Internet device
- Linux Operating system
- rather prefunctory for mobile devices

California Legacy Trails: Remarkable womn in California
- Content is available to teachers to create curricula for students
- Teach students
- Anne Lunis -> Adobe Corporate Responsibility
- Maria Shriver, First Lady of California
- vertical segment at Adobe.
- Idea came from the Freedom Trail
- "There's more to california than just hollywood!'s integration
- Exposes lots of services
- "Amazing potential to cloud internet platform + Adobe client side apps"
- Session--Wednesday @ 3:30

(Yay...I finally found some Wifi!)

II. Social Computing

Cocomo -- Nigel Peg(?)
- integrating existing flex apps
- Acesis -> Medical Peer reviews
- Dr. Phong(?)
(This guy is VERY nervous and stuttering)
- Webcam feed integrated
- share cursors, VOIP, co-navigation
- NOT screen-sharing
- Adobe provides collaboration infrastructure.

Cocomo -- client SDK
- runs atop AIR
- a few days & 30 lines of code (!!!)
- hosted infrastructure that adobe manages
- Users, Audio/Video Files
- Real time Data Messwaging
- Real-time file sharing
- Client library with full source included
- Cocomo platform service is free public beta.
- realtime collaboration

Adobe Wave: Notification from social software into unified interface
- Asynchronous messaging
- Wave working in the background for notifications
- Seems like the same issues we had for

Content on OpenScreen project
2 problems: Web Browsing and Standalone Applications
- AIR allows you to install applications across screens
- (Amazing how this guy doesn't want to say iPhone...just saying "higher end phones")

Show "Hot from the oven" devices:
- Phones with FlashPlayer 10
- Nokia N85 --> "It Just works"
- Windows Mobile/Opera browser
- Download from
- Youtube -> Opera browser,
- Flash on the iPhone (not yet!)
- G1 phone from T-mobile
- Star Dudes

Andy Reuben -- Google senior director of platforms
- Inventor of Android
- "Handheld is about as powerful as PC's were 5 years ago"
- Better internet experience in Android drives FlashPlayer 10
- Google team working with Adobe to get flashplayer going

Standalone applications:
- FlashLite -> Nokia w/FlashLite
- must launch flashlite itself
- good experience once you launch the content is good
- launching the content sucks, frankly.
- FlashLite distributable player
- package application
- Distribute the app
- install flashlite onto phone over the air
- must have a supported OS
- demo failed...
- Establishes an icon at top-level menu
- THOUGHT: isn't this a hacker's dream!!!?


  1. WTF? Thought:

    Me have logistic/organizational charts in head
    all times
    haiku much

    Charlotte have nonsensical
    Dad Christmas
    Adobe house
    Adobe MAX = whacked house in
    skeletal Maria California

    Snow here, ice
    go boom boom floor
    word verification


  2. Wow, your summary hurts my head. I'm definitely too old to survive one of those!


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