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Come on down to the Combs household, folks, where you can witness (very) amateur mechanic Harold working on the old iron, attempting an amazing feat--an OIL CHANGE. That's right...for the first few minutes, we'll warm-up with the draining of the oil. Then we get to the feature presentation--the Two hour slog of...TRYING TO REMOVE THE OIL FILTER HE OVERTIGHTENED IN March!. You'll gasp as you see him try the end-cap socket, followed by the Strapwrench. You'll cry as you see him pound a screwdriver through the filter six separate times praying he'll get it to loosen. You'll sigh in relief as he the filter finally comes of, and swim in nausea to witness its mangled carcase.

For the first 200 ticket-holders, we have the special behind the scenes extra after the feature where you can witness Harold snap his oil drain plug in two trying to tighten it. The final act includes a call to Triple-A for the ignominious tow to Paul's Foreign Auto, the engine having voided its remaining sludgy oil all over the western side of his driveway.

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll laugh some more. Come on down!

Not mine...but it looked pretty darn similar after I got done

Sometimes, I think Beamer can hear me thinking of getting a new car, and it decides to be pissy like this on purpose. Other times, I just consider that it's a 20 year old car and I'm a ham-fisted, amateur mechanic with much to learn.


Paul's Foreign Auto backed out the remainder of the drain plug, put in a new one, and filled 'er up with 20w50. :-)


  1. well i worked in a ship for a while and it really pisses me off when sumthing like that happens. Even in the ship there were some guys who were really good at overtightening things.. but this ones kinda funny an overtightened filter. A pipe wrench might have helped.

  2. Yeah, maybe. Thing is, though, the filter is under the exhaust manifold and it's really hard to get anything around it that's bigger than a regular oil filter wrench or strap-wrench.


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