Review: Grey's Anatomy "Dream a Little Dream"

To paraphrase a wise imaginary character:

Last night's "Grey's Anatomy" was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever! Rest assured I was on the internet within minutes voicing my disgust throughout the world.

Yeah, yeah...Comic Book Guy FTW.

* * *

Well, that was special. Two hours of shoddy camera work, confusing storylines and bad acting later, I yearn for season two and three. As this episode opens, we find our favorite band of 237 interns gathered around Miranda Bailey, awaiting their new rankings as a teaching hospital. Apparently, their ratings have fallen significantly since their glory days...

..hmm...just like Grey's Anatomy: Once proud ratings leader, now in decline...

So the remainder of the episode is about recapturing former glory, staunching the slide into mediocrity.

Like most GA episodes that are > 1 hour, this turd was boring, overlong, and uneven. Certain scenes were brilliant. Yet, whole subplots dragged on.

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