Quickies: The weekend that was...

Quite a busy weekend...I'm expecting to crash sometime today around 10am, actually.

High & Lowlights:

  • Friday, Whitney tore a ligament in her right arm. Best quote from that belongs to her doctor: "I can either tell you you've got a torn ligament, or I can take X-Rays and tell you you've got a torn ligament." So, she's on restricted duty for a couple of weeks.

  • Praise report: Mom's CT scan came back clean...the doctor said she was doing fine and had no indications of cancer almost a year after her surgery. Woohoo!!

  • Saturday, I took Maria up to Louisville to spend the night with Cathy. On the way back, I noticed that Bessie had lots of wheel shake at 75mph. After a quick trip to the new NTB location in Georgetown, they diagnosed two unbalanced front tires.

  • Saturday evening, while the rest of Kentucky was at the Norfolk State thrashing, Bella and I went to Portofino's, Serge's favorite place to eat in Lexington. I enjoyed the whitefish risotto, and she tucked into the Filet Mignon. It was a wonderful dinner, and a great beginning to our date.

  • After our dinner, we scooted to Hamburg to watch The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. I LOVED this movie...really, I love the whole Mummy franchise--CGI extravaganzas that don't take themselves too seriously. You root for the good guys, you cheer when the bad guys die. In particular, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh were great, and Maria Bello was brilliant as the new Evelyn, replacing Rachel Weisz.

  • Sunday was difficult. One of our congregation had an attack of some sort in the middle of service, and we halted the sermon to administer aid and send for the ambulance. Whitney and I went our separate ways after the service, she going to a baby shower then up to Louisville to go shopping. I went to the mall to pick-up one of her other purchases, then back to the house to tackle my todo list. Thereafter is its own blog entry unto itself.

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