Quickie: "Frugal" is...

...going into Williams-Sonoma expecting there to be free food, just like Saturday afternoon at Sam's Club.

Alas, it was not to be.

We did get out of the mall with a brisk walk, some family time, and $4 under budget. w00t!


  1. Actually they did have samples - a greek salad composed of coloured peppers, vinaigrette, and goat cheees. Unfortunately I'm allergic to two of those three things and you were rubbing the maximum mini by found on road dead by that point so I didn't bother pointing it out. S'ok. usually they have nut bread when we walk so I wasn't expecting much anyway.

  2. Forgot all about that...yeah, the Ford Flex outside did catch my attention :-)

    Nothing like an overwrought station wagon with mediocre gas mileage that bastardizes styling cues from other vehicles (most notably, the Mini Clubman)


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