Lunch Hour

I sit beside Toner Creek on a bench, regarding building 082, or as I call it, The Crystal Palace. It's chilly (!) in the shade today. A light Northerly breeze combined with a persistent cold front--we had a record low of 53 degrees this morning.

Lunch today is a banana and some ABC-123's...yep I'm on the Dave Ramsey diet again.

Decided last night to plow some more money into the E30. As Whitney said, "It's something you love. Enjoy it!" So, I've planned:

  • A new set of Powerflex Control Arms

  • Some offset Control Arm Bushings (CABs)

  • A set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 15x7 wheels:

  • Some sticky performance rubber of some sort...haven't decided.

  • A new set of springs & shocks all round

Whitney reports the Beamer's running very rich at startup...need to look over the diagnostics in the Bentley manual again. I've had a niggling suspicion the coolant temp sensor's not telling the ECU the engine's warm.

Maria's 18 months and 1 day old today, and she's a joy--precocious, talkative, stubborn, and full of laughter. I hope I can provide her with all the opportunities in the world.

Some things hurt, and probably will go on hurting for a long time. There's no help for that. My new commitment is dealing with that melancholy feeling rather than ignoring it. Actually dealing with stuff?? HOW DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS?! :-)


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