Well, today's the day. At 11am, I have an appointment to drive a BMW 135i in the Susan Komen Drive for the Cure at Don Jacobs BMW.

Let's hope for my sake it doesn't turn out like last year

I've never even *sat* in a 1-series, but it's supposedly the reincarnation of the E30...

...though, no E30 came from the factory with a twin-turbo 300hp engine. Tee-hee.

* * *

In other news, Maria decided that 4:30 was the proper time to get up this morning, and refused to go back to sleep. Whitney took her from 4:30->5:30 and I got her from then on. Nothing quite like your daughter smiling at you, looking out the door and going, "Slide?" when it's 5:45 am.

Thought: Beach vacations with Re-Re are going to be FUN. "MommyDaddyItsAlmostDawn...canwegodowntothebeach'n'lookfershells? Huh?! Canwecanwecanwe? huh?! How 'bout now?!"

:-) Oh well, I'm a morning person, too.


  1. Wow, hope you can control yourself in the bimmer ;-)


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