Guest Editorial -- Enter Pampered Chev

Welcome back to school! Time to start the process of turning impressionable youngsters into marketing machines. Thankfully, we don't participate in that as I COMPLETELY disagree with it.

But wait! This year marks a first. The legislature slashed the budget for public schools so THIS year even tho Joey's attending a public school, there are classroom fees, art fees, etc that have to be paid.

Enter Pampered Chef. Everybody LOVES pampered chef (tho I'm personally sick of it - mostly because I lust after it badly and can't afford most of it). However, if you happen to have disposable income:

Joey is selling Pampered Chef. 20% of what he sells goes directly to cover HIS PERSONAL fees and classroom costs. So....if you can help us out, please see us directly before Labor Day. You can pay by check, cash, or credit card when you place the order and then we will deliver it to you once it's received from the school (approximately the middle of September). However, if you don't see us, LUCKY you! You can order directly through the website at and enter WESTERN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL as the host. Your order will be shipped directly to your home.

Also, as an aside, they are selling raffle tickets for $5/tic for a $150 Pampered Chef shopping spree. Please let us know if you are interested in one of those also.

Please help us out if you can! The less we have to put toward school fees the better! And if anyone out there wants to give me a fully funded Pampered Chef spending account, I'll take it if you pay the gift taxes! LOL Thanks!



  1. Disposable Income...I bet Pampered Chef sells a nice container to store that in.


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