Bucket List

Watched the morbid, buddy-comedy The Bucket List last night. I enjoyed it...literally one of those "I laughed, I cried" kinda films, but for weird reasons. There are some genuinely good one-liners in the film, particularly the running gag about "The world's most expensive coffee. Worth watching, but not if you're in a bad mood. This movie is DEPRESSING.

I was sad much of the time I watched this film, for lots of personal reasons. My family's on intimate terms with cancer. I hate hospitals. I haven't travelled and seen as much as I'd like in my life. I've got alot of broken relationships and estranged friends in my past. The memory of Maria's dramatic birth via C-Section is still with me, so any scene where a couple says "goodbye" and operating room doors close is tough for me to watch.

Yeah, I'm a softie. Sue me.

I'd love to take a pass at my own bucket list:

  • Hold my first grandchild and know s/he is a blessing from God.

  • Enable someone disadvantaged to go to college and watch them excel

  • Turn some laps on the Nuburgring

  • See Paris, Florence, Venice, Rome, and Athens.

  • Watch the sunset from Golden Gate park in San Francisco.

  • Ride (or heck, fly!) an aerobatic plane.

  • Walk across a state.

  • Go Fishing and actually enjoy it


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