The weekend that was...

Such a joyous weekend:

  • Hung-out with Maria Friday night, while Whitney and Cathy went to Mamma Mia. Glad I didn't go, and Ree-Ree and I had a great time blitzing around Walmart, where I picked up my 35mm prints from the photo center. Yeah, that's the last time I try taking pictures without a functioning light meter. None of the pictures were exposed properly, even the ones that should've been Sunny 16.

  • Cathy stayed with us Friday night and watched Maria as Whitney and I finished staining our fence. Well, we would've finished, except that the paint store was out of stain. We could only get 3 gallons, and it was more like a 3.75 gallon job. Partial score for those scoring at home: 4 dead brushes, 1 dead sprayer, 2 gallons of mineral spirits, 21 lbs of kitty litter, 8 gallons of stain, two 5-gallon buckets, 4 ruined outfits, 4 sunburns, and 1 public throwdown between Bella and myself. Ah, memories!

  • Sunday was quiet--church and then lunch at BD's Mongolian Grille. I went by the library and picked-up Fish!, a remarkable little book that I read at a single sitting in ~1 hour.

    It's a bit manager-y, but that's okay--it talks about how to motivate people to approach their job (whatever it might be--janitorial, clerical, or pitching dead slimy fish) with gusto and joy. Definitely lifted my spirits.


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