w00000t---Bus from G'town?


This would be awesome...give me a chance to catch-up on my reading to and from work, while paying < 1/2 tank of fuel per month for a bus pass.

The tradeoff, of course, would be time: Probably 2 hours on a bus each day, compared to ~40 minutes now. Still...interesting that this is being considered.


  1. :-P~

    Yeah, I know, and I know I'm being ridiculous considering riding a bus for a 22-mile commute.

    I'd have to walk/bike/hitch a ride to the center of G'town, then hop on the bus down US25, likely, then get from the transit center back up to LXK. Then each evening, reverse the process.

    Thing is, it's not going to get *better* until we make some steps in that direction.


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