Ugh...did I get up on the wrong side of the bed?

Feel like I got hit by a amount of coffee is rousing a single brain cell.

I'm an interesting paradox (or collection of paradoxes): I hate stuff, yet I like stuff. I hate stuff in that it's all just so much future yardsale junk--the shiny gadget of today quickly becomes the Sony Walkman cassette player marked at $0.50 in somebody's yard.

And yet...there's usually some shiny new something that catches my eye that I want. Something I can't have, or don't really need, or that's somehow lower on the priority list than everything else. And I talk myself out of it.

There's the paradox: Me sitting contentedly in a room devoid of clutter, thinking "Wow, I wish I had more STUFF."

* * *

I'll wake up tomorrow and change my mind, I realize--but right now all I can think of is: Home ownership is utter crap. You're strapped-down to your quarter acre of GET-OFF-MY-LAWN heaven, paying a mortgage, insurance, repairs, and incidental things like "wow, we need new curtains" or "ooh, I wish I could paint the walls." You're smashed together with 200 of your nearest, dearest psychopaths in the same socio-economic bracket. You CAN'T just pack up and leave when you'd like--there's a reason the root word of mortgage is "death".

Yeah, I miss Joey. Can ya tell? :-)

Yeah, I'm tired of Kentucky, in general. Love it, hate it...lived here my whole life. Too many sad reruns of the same lacking economic opportunity, inept nepotistic local governments, and declining secondary and post-secondary education. Plus, with our terrific allergy situation, 3/4 of my immediate family has to stay inside 6 months out of the year when anyone in a quarter-mile radius mows his lawn. As Shane would say: Wheeeeeee!

Yeah, I've run out capacity dealing with corporate BS to the tune of 5 meetings per day.

Contentment just ain't me. Not today...don't know why.

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