How I spent my 4th of July...

...or, What Theatre People Do in their Spare Time.

Simple curriculum dies:

  • Thursday night: Worked until 8:30 on spec due that day. Didn't finish it. Grudgingly resolved to come into work on 4th of July.

  • Friday: Up before dawn, work until 11am on spec. Finish version 0.2 and email. Return home, resolving to take daughter to Jackson for family fun. Recongize I'm exhausted and will probably crash into tree on return trip. Decide not to go. Take wife and daughter on excursion around Lexington, ending up at Fayette Mall around 6pm when torrential downpour hits. Walk through mall even though all mall stores closed, except JC Penny's and Dillards. Chase wife through baby clothes section on 3rd floor of Dillards ("But these are so CUTE!"). Watch Romeo Must Die, have chortling good time watching Jet Li parroting English phrases like, 'Right on!'

  • Saturday: Awaken wife with snoring at 2am. Wife has insomnia. Suggest she get out of bed to address her insomnia. Royally piss-off wife, who promptly tells me, 'You're going to get Joey at 7am!'. Awaken at 6am, drive to Shelbyville and retrieve Joe-meister. Drive family BACK to Shelbyville at 11am for Highland Renaissance Faire. Bake in sun with fat, smelly, costumed people (and in-laws, who aren't fat, smelly or costumed) until 4. Drive to Louisville. Ride Silverwing. Silverwing good. Learn Maria has good impression of a Velociraptor screech if she has a wet diaper.

  • Sunday: Eschew points-event autocross in favor of family time. Eschew family time after church to mow grass and do chores. Thus, I eschewed autocross to mow grass, QED. Attempt to diagnose and fix broken garage door opener switch. Take nap. Consider selling BMW to buy motorcycle that gets 50+mpg. Collapse in heap at 11pm.

* * *

The Renaissance Faire would've been more fun w/o a baby. It was in some woods and a clearing, and the stroller just wasn't happening--too bumpy and muddy. It was very expensive, and every participatory thing cost extra. The highlight for me was the Mud Show, with Smelly Pitts and Slappy Backfat, a slapstic Vaudeville extravaganza of mud, off-color jokes (...must...not...say...'Dirty Jokes'....), and audience participation. Think a Gallagher show, with mud instead of exploding watermelons.

My biggest thing was, I just couldn't get into it. . .I kept thinking: "This is what happens to theatre folk from high school who have to get a job at Denny's. They throw on a boustier and start strutting round like Lady Pamela on summer days." Probably more my attitude than anything else--it was $12 per adult, and $6 for children.


  1. Insomnia consists of the inability to fall asleep NOT being consistently awakened by your husband snoring, jumping up and down, rolling on top of and smothering you, and hitting you in the back. Which is why I was pissed when I nudged you and asked you to roll over bc you were snoring and you told me to GET UP AND READ A BOOK bc that helps you when you can't sleep and then followed me upstairs after I'd halfway fallen asleep and yelled at me. Yeah. I'd say most of America would be pissed.

  2. @Whitney:

    Indeed. Not my best moments in any way/shape/form, especially the following upstairs and yelling.


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