Cyclefever '08: Finally went to a dealership

Finally cowboy'd-up and headed to a dealership to sit on some bikes.

Went with Joey to Bell's Honda here in Georgetown, and it was a pretty decent experience.

I didn't have salesmen climbing all over me or pressuring me. I did find out that they do NOT give test-rides until they're sure you're capable of buying the bike, and in fact that if you wreck the bike on the test-ride, you've bought it automatically.


So, anyway, I finally got to see an Suzuki SV650-S (the one with the fairing on the front) and I definitely found it wasn't for me: The handlebars were VERY forward and down, like a true "crotch rocket" sport-bike, and it wasn't comfortable. By contrast the GSX650 to the left was like slipping on a glove: Comfortable and natural, right down to the way my thighs grasped the tank on both sides. NICE!

* * *

And now the ranty-part: It seems motorcycle dealerships are like a car dealership with only two models: a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Dodge Viper SRT-10. One type is a high-strung penis enhancing machine (the sportbikes, particularly the liter-plus bikes) and the other is a high-torque penis enhancing machine (the loud and proud cruisers). See a trend here? Where are the bikes for people who want reliable, fun transportation at a reasonable price?

Not to be crass, but I'm not looking to get laid . I'm looking to get to work, save gas, and have fun doing it.

I don't blame the dealership--they're gonna stock what they can sell, and that looks like bruising cruiser bikes and 150hp+ organ-donation machines.


  1. I don't know of a really good used bike place in town, either. Huntsville, AL was better for that - there were several good sources.

  2. Yeah, Jeff Kees pointed me at Recycles LLC in Danville. They seem to have a pretty good selection of old and new stuff.

  3. Cool, let me know what you think if you get over there. Here's an eBay listing...just up in Cincy....


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