Car cataclysm

I read stuff like this and I have to admit it: Ford is in much better shape than any of the other domestics.

Look at it:

  • They're not the Ivory Tower. GM is, for better or worse, still the face of American automotive industry. They take the flak. They killed the electric car. They build Hummers. Ford is an also-ran...they're not haulling Mulally in front of Senate panels. They're hauling-up GM CEO Rick Wagoner. Ford benefits from GM taking all this flack because it can quietly consolidate and grow without too much focus.

  • They don't have too many brands. Not relative to GM, anyway. They sold Jaguar and Land Rover, and they're shopping Volvo. This Alan guy knows how to run a company! Focus on the core product and on the company to produce and market it.

  • They got the same UAW restructuring deal as GM. This is the only reason for hope. Without this deal, their legacy costs would strangle them even if everything else was rosy.
  • They're not Chrysler. That thing got a Hemi? 'Nuff said.

  • They're being smart with Mazda. The Fusion is a success because of the Mazda6, and the global platform of the Focus/Mazda3 is a winner in all segments.

  • Ford Motor Credit isn't a screwed-up as GMAC.

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