On "Relaxing" Vacations

So, I read somewhere once (citation be damned!) that people with active, physical jobs should enjoy relaxing vacations, and that people with sedentary jobs should try for more active, involved holidays.

Hoo boy. Sign me up for some bricklaying.

So, in the short few days since last Friday, this happened:

  • Friday: We put together the kids' swing set: .

    Assembly time: 8 hours

  • Sunday, we did church and Father's day, including a trip to Malone's restaurant for a sampling of excellent sushi from the Aqua Sushi bar. Man, it was awesome!

  • Monday we stained the fence. At the start of the day, we were using stone tools...er...brushes and 3" rollers and by the end of the day (9 hrs later) we found ourselves using a hand-pump sprayer. Even still, we only got most of the exterior of the fence done, minus two sections

  • Tuesday, Whitney decided to go whole hog and buy a Wagner electric sprayer. Yep, welcome to the space age. After that we headed to the Georgetown Water Park for 3 hours. So, we finished the last two sections of the exterior of the fence and it looks awesome. I'd love to show you...except...

  • Wednesday, I got the great idea to go on a canoe trip on the Elkhorn. I happened to have our digital camera in the bag we took on the canoe. Canoes have a way of getting waterlogged...

So, yeah...I don't know straight up at the moment. I can't feel my arms after paddling 6 miles (Joey wasn't much help!)

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