Inexpensive sports car, whither thou?

I had a thought today, a shining inkling of something spectacular, something different,

That is a Porsche 356 spyder.

Yeah, the thought goes like this: I'm commuting in the automotive novacaine known as my 2000 Toyota Camry. It's smooth, quiet, and reliable. On the weekends, I'd like to have something to drive and autox.

I love my E30, but it's far from a classic sportscar--it has body roll and understeer like the sedan it actually is. So, does it make more sense to get something less compromised and more focused. (And, more classic?)

That's the thing...I have no idea. The economy's going to hell, so somebody's going to be unloading their toys soon (if not already...) wonder what these puppies (or some other sort of Porsche or BMW) go for?

Yes, I know...blasphemy.

Like I said...just a thought!

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