The weekend...

Some tweets on the weekend:

  • Drive-ins rock. Grab the van, lots of food, and enjoy yourself some Americana. When the kids get sleepy, let 'em stretch-out in back.

  • Finally bought myself some new shirts, after Whitney declared she was burning my shrunken, 5-to-7 year old collection of Polos. Only regret: No pictures of how ridiculous I looked in the pink (PINK!!) polo she insisted I try on.

  • Big Brown looked like a stud out there, but I can't get the image of Eight Belles out of my head. When Big Brown took off at the top of the stretch, she dug deeply (too deeply, maybe), and kept pace. It's impossible to know, but seemed like she wanted to win that race. Then, that was it...both front ankles shattered, and she had to be put down immediately. I turned around, and Whitney was in tears, saying "Why do they *DO* this? Why do they keep running these horses like this, if it's going to kill them?" Amen, sweetie. Amen.

  • Sunday was to ride a motorcycle for the first time. Stu let me take out his Silverwing:
    . Thing is ~500lbs, with a 600cc engine, and a CVT/automatic transmission (no clutch!). Both tires were severely under-inflated (14psi front, < 20psi rear), so handling was sluggish, but it was a really neat experience. The bike's good for > 100mph, and needs a dedicated motorcycle license to operate, but I kept it < 25mph in the subdivision there and had no problems at all. Whitney: "So, d'ya like it?" Me: "Scared to death and thrilled at the same time. Woohoo!"

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