w00t -- AutoExtremist on TTAC

First there was Car and Driver, the irreverant magazine full of gearheads who told the truth. But, that was before the internet era. Then, there was a little-known beacon of truth, Bob Bowden's The Car Place (now defunct), where a guy told even more truth.

Then came the grand poobah, Peter DeLorenzo's AutoExtemist, from an insider who ranted and raved about how uncompetitive and doomed Detroit was. Selling Chevy's is nothing like selling Tide detergent. And it was very good.

Then came another beacon of excellence, a muckraking blogger who runs The Truth About Cars (TTAC). Daily (sometimes hourly!) commentary on the news from the industry, with the same tone and ferocity as AutoExtremist.

Now, it looks like they've joined forces. Excellent!

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