The other day while in the lab..., they've put together an "Innovation" lab over here, populated with all sorts of cool gadgets, gizmos, and decorations, everything from a Magic 8-Ball to the latest iMac and Nintendo Wii. There's remote-controlled this, electronic that, and lots of "so, what's THAT good for?"

One thing I was really salivating over showed-up the other day:

Yep, it's a Kindle Amazon's eBook reader.

VERY neat.

It uses an 'electronic paper' display...instead of being the normal LCD screen on, say, an iPhone, it's a contrasty, easy to read display that looks like a super-duper Etch-a-Sketch. It looks like, well, a printed page. After a few minutes, the device disappears, and it's just like you're reading a book. Controls exist for flipping forwards and backwards through the book. Even the form-factor is pleasant and intuitive--like a big paperback or a small hardcover.

It's pricey at $399, but that includes integration over Sprint's wireless network and access to the Amazon store where you can buy books as you'd like.

I must admit, when it came out, I thought "meh", but this thing is really neat and might do for books what the iPod did for CD's.

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