Monday Rambles

Pretty awesome (if mundane) weekend:

Saturday, we went to Sam's Club and filled two carts in supplies for our new Chest Freezer (thank you, Tax Rebate!) Then, I mowed & trimmed the yard while doing an oil change on the Odyssey. Pretty quiet, stress-free day.

Sunday was just...perfect. Church was great--our pastor preached a message on how unbiblical debt is (unless for urgent necessities), complete with a "come forward and shred your credit card" alter call. (only 1 person did). Then, Maria and I cruised down (at 55mph!) to Mom & Dad's in the Camry.

Got to drive Dad's new GMC 1/2 ton. It's a bruitish truck, very powerful, but very, VERY stiff. I think I liked the old GM trucks better...they didn't feel so massive. It's got a 3.73 rear axle (same ratio as my BMW) and it feels very touchy out on the highway. Also, they seem to narrow the windscreen, so you feel like you're driving a tank. OY.

Mom's going in for her first post-treatment check-up on June 6th. She's not worried, but you know me. :-)

The drive down there and back was tremendous...beautiful weather, good songs on the radio, Maria was happy...good times.

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