Wednesday Randomness

* From the "not worth reviewing" file: Beowulf was awful. How do you take a blood-soaked elegiac epic and turn it into, essentially, The Devil and Tom Walker. Plus, the CGI was good, but not quite there.

* A cold snap has hit, with frosty mornings and cool, windy days.

* I've *got* to stop staying up late to watch bad movies on DVD. A netflix queue reordering order.

* Everyone's doing well. Whitney's recovered from her stomach virus last week. Maria's managed to no maim herself lately, and seems ready to break-out running any day now (with injuries to follow, no doubt). Joey's school year is winding down, and he's enjoying baseball on his very good coach-pitch team, the Reds. ("Communism was a red herring")

* Finally sorted-out Joey's latest seizure-inducing Wii game Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity At its heart, it's a racing game, and I LOVE racing games. Still, it's annoying as heck, and very short. We played through the ENTIRE GAME's plot in 1 afternoon last week. Seems to be the hallmark of several Wii games we've tried (Avatar: Burning Earth, etc.)-->beautiful, great play control, not too deep. I remember losing months of my life to the original Final Fantasy and years of my life to Grand Turismo. Wii games aren't like that, though Super Mario Galaxy was close.


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