Rant: Miley Cyrus

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children?!

The hue and cry surrounding Miley Cyrus's recent photos in Vanity Fair disgusts me. NOT the photos themselves. Certainly not the photographer, Annie Leibovitz, whose work stands on its own.

We should be ashamed.

We're a country addicted to drugs, gossip, and pornography. We're so in debt, we're destitute, yet we spend like there's no tomorrow. We care little except for how other people PERCEIVE us. Substance matters not.

Given that, the Helen Lovejoy-esque reaction to this photograph is disgusting. More skin is on display on your average beach outfit than this girl showed in this (to my eye) tasteful photograph.

Given the Disney spin-machine and handlers involved, I have no idea if Cyrus fits her squeaky-clean image. But for goodness' sake, put the torches and pitchforks down, people!! What's there to apologize for here? This country that devoured infamous Rolling Stone spread from Britney Spears 10 years ago uproars over this?

You cry, "But, she's influencing my daughter!" Yes, she is. So are you, as her parent. So are her friends. So is what she does on facebook, and chat, and the internet.

On the whole, I just don't get it...is the girl so overexposed (no pun intended!) that we MUST vomit her away like an over-rich meal?

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