On Asbestos, GCAT, Dates, and Pasta...

Lots of randomness from an awesome weekend:

  • Saturday was the Georgetown College Academic Team (GCAT) tournament at my Alma Mater. I served as scorer in the Division I room, alongside my old pal Joe Guillory and the delightful freshman, R. (Did I see R. making eyes at Joe? Perhaps!) Georgetown's dominance and capability stunned me--this was a team of depth and quiet competence, obviously playing a level above their competition. They're going to Nationals (College Bowl?) and I expect they'll do well.

  • Saturday night was the first date I've had with my wife since we got married. The whole thing was a bit of a debacle--we've not dated in so long I've lost the knack of suggesting we do something together, planning said something, and executing on that plan. Yeah, that's right--I left most of the planning to the last minute. Still, we got to leave Maria with some church friends, go to Bella Notte in Lex, and have a wonderful dinner. After that, we went to Lowe's and daydreamed on what we'd like to do for the house. It was good to just be with my wife, even if it wasn't anything elaborate. [Promise I'll do better next time, Honey! You available on May 3rd?]

  • Sunday was just...perfect. Well, if I'd done the brake job on the Camry right, it would've been perfect. As it was, when I took the Camry for a drive to bed-in the new pads & rotors, the pedal went to the floor and there were barely any brakes. Yep--air somewhere in the lines. Looks like in our zeal to flush the system on Thursday, I let the master cylinder reservoir empty while bleeding the right rear drum. Hydraulic systems REALLY don't like air in 'em. :-) But, after bleeding the brakes again, the car stops like a champ--linear, no pulsation, and it stops RIGHT NOW.

  • I was pretty blitzed mucking around all afternoon, so we hung-out with Maria in the back yard for a few hours, which was great. She really seems to be taking to the outdoors, and Whitney snapped some great pics of her in her pedal car. She also took some tentative slides down her playhouse and only face-planted once.

I'm really looking forward to my first autocross next weekend--my SCCA membership card arrived on Friday! Getting a bit nervous, and I still need to prep the beamer for it. Needs a wash and oil change (and, maybe some prayers!)

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