Lexington Legends Opening Day


"This is Harold"

"Hey, Honey! Listen, where would you and Joey like to sit at the Legends Opening Day Game tonight?"

Blink. Blink.


"I'm getting you guys tickets to the game. Where would you like sit?"

* * *

Yes, I have the best wife in the world. Don't know how she knew, but it was great.

The team this year is so-so. Well, so-so...so far. The starting pitcher made it into the 5th inning, but the middle relief guy (Koons) got tagged early and often, including a classic "throw it to first but brain some guy in the stands" error that lead to a score 1 play later. Fielding was uneven, with two more errors leading to scores or extra bases.

The atmosphere was great: Around 7000 attended, and extra touches abounded, like free hot dogs for kids, Big L parachuting in to start the game, and plenty of contests.

Joey enjoyed it much more this year than last. Having actually played baseball, he was attentive through ~6 innings. I'd throw out scenarios to him, and he picked-up on them well, "So, now if this guy walks and the bases are loaded, then the next guy hits a home run, that's a Grand Slam, Harold!"

Perhaps the best part was sitting in row 2 of section 202, with two old-salt Legends fans seated in row 1, about 5 seats apart. Guy on Left knew the inside scoop on everything, and his commentary alone was worth the price of admission--he knew the backstories, the grounds crew, ushers, etc. Guy on Right was the classic Heckler--knew how to needle the ump and opposing batsmen without getting mean. GoR knew where the line was between "involved" and "annoying as hell", and stayed just inside it. Joey and I got a huge kick of of them both.

A 15 minute fireworks show capped the evening. Lovely, lovely stuff...wouldn't mind having season tickets, except I'd go bankrupt buying peanuts and a beer at every game ($3.75 + 5.75), plus parking.


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