Carmry spring spruce up

a.k.a. Nothing like brake fluid that's so old it's green....

Installed the new Brembo rotors and Akebono ceramic pads from the Tire Rack yesterday on our 2000 Camry, and for once I did it right.

- I jacked the car up one night.
- I disassembled everything another night
- I did the install, brake bleed, tire rotation, and power steering belt adjustment yesterday.

Nice having zero pressure to get the Daily Driver back on the road before morning. I took my time, read through the Haynes procedure 3 or 4 times, and did each piece meticulously. I regreased the pins the caliper slides on, and made sure I put plenty of Moly-Lube on everything as it went back together.

The rotors themselves look awesome. I didn't realize how thin and grooved the OEM rotors were until I compared them to the Brembos.

Only thing remaining is the bed-in procedure. We're in the middle of a monsoon, so it was no-go last night. Should have a break tomorrow evening where I can get the pads and rotors to meet, exchange phone numbers, and get to know one another Biblically.

:-) Dirty, satisfying job, when you've got the time to do it properly.

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