Birthday wishes

My wife just turned her permanent age: 29. That's a good number. It think she'll stay there awhile.

It's been a big year for her, and it's been gratifying to be her husband and watch her grow. This year she saw Maria through infancy, and planned + executed our first family vacation. She dealt with her first summer without Joey, and Maria's burn and recovery. She dealt all the issues I had this past year--changing jobs, frustrations, dependency, Mom's cancer. I was horrid through most of that. She supported me, and kicked my butt when necessary.

She survived becoming the prototypical Soccer Mom (complete with minivan), and her frustrations with "Womankind". Somewhere in all that, she found empathy and understanding, and began to process her anger and frustration. This year, we found an honesty and a vulnerability together that's made all the difference.

She is a tremendous friend, moral compass, cook, organizer, travel agent, and the love of my life.

Happy Birthday, my darling.

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