Autocross: It's a good day when...

You win your first event in 2 years

In the cold, in the rain, the Beamer was awesome. I set the tires at 35psi front and 40psi rear, and let 'er tailslide around the 4 on-course sweepers.

This was CKR's first points event of the year, and it was an inspired and safe course design, using the small dump-truck training pad to the utmost. Braindump of me out there:

First gear, rev to 4k...sidestep the clutch. Okay, wheelhop, wheelhop...HOOK! Pick-up your slalom cone, now BANG second. Both hands on the wheel. Floor it into the braking zone for the first left hand sweeper. Brake, okay now crank your neck left to pick-up the second cone on the slalom. WOOOO...feel that rear come around.

Slalom. Smooth right, smooth left, GAAAAAS!!! Brake...feel the ABS. Crank your neck all the way right to pick-up the exit. Feel the front end bite, now feed on the power....WOOOOOO...feel that rear coming again, hang it, hang it...floorboard that gas baby, YEAH!

'K...brake, lefthand sweeper, offset chicane on exit. Come on, baby, don't lose your front end, crank out the steering and GAAAAAAS. Tap the brakes coming out, now set-up for the tight right into the timing lights. Go through lights with a 20 degree left slip angle.

That took 41 seconds and change. In the rain.


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