Review: "Chinatown"

So, Chinatown.

"Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown."

Iconic stuff. Nicholson back when was an awesome actor, not just paid to play himself (see "Witches of Eastwick", et al.). Faye Dunnaway's cheekbones. John Huston as the creepy dad.

Umm...I hated it.

Lined-up against L.A. Confidential, Chinatown is darker, more mysterious, but at the same time, distant. We learn about the characters bit-by-bit, but once we learn everything, we just want to forget them.

There's a twist at the end, and much goes unexplained--perhaps it's a snapshot of 1970's America, when nothing seemed certain, disinformation was the norm, and hope seemed a distant memory. Then again, perhaps it's just an overwrought tale that made me numb.

I respect the filmmaking, performances, and cinematography. I'd just rather watch "The Godfather" 10 times than watch this again.

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