Quick Hits

* Whitney's starting to regain her voice, though it's still hurting her.

* New Automotive Segment: Cheap and Cheerful. Contenders would be the Smart Car, Scion xD (nee xA), Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris. This will be the hot market in the coming 5 years.

* Flooding rains throughout the area last night. Really, the last 28 days have been awful here in KY: The Super Tuesday tornado outbreak, Snow, Ice, Storms. Very, very violent stuff, really.

* Can't compliment enough the job the Chris Bailey's doing over at his Weather bog for WKYT here in Lex. Yes, he's a weather nerd, but it's good to love one's job! Kentuckians are obsessed about weather, and he sort of "feeds the need" as it were.

* "Shower Thought" of the day: To start a successful enterprise, you need something with a high barrier-to-entry, yet easy marketing. Your clientele should be upscale, or people reaching to be upscale. The prototype here is BMW--it's incredibly hard for other marques to duplicate the feel of a BMW (Lord knows they keep trying), but they practically sell themselves (word-of-mouth, cachet)

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